Prepainted Metal Roofing Systems

To limit roofing to simply a selection of materials and colours would be a fatal error. The fifth façade must be artistic but it must also satisfy the new technological, economic and environmental challenges.

Since it is suitable with any sloping, forms and colours, the prepainted metal used in roofing adds its originality, authenticity and regional features to the habitat, and gives its contribution to the enhancement of the property. When initiating new building projects, the prepainted metal is an indispensable solution for professionals. In fact, metal roofing offers to designers, builders and layers innovative solutions for the realisation of passive houses or positive energy houses. Their flexibility allows a great architectural freedom. Artistic and efficient, they also offer unique benefits for the environment.


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The 7 Benefits of Prepainted Metal Roofing

In new buildings, as well as in the renovation of old ones, there are plenty of reasons to install prepainted metal roofs. Prepainted metal roofs bring ingenious and new solutions for all technical, thermal, aesthetic, acoustic and environmental needs, ensuring at the same time an exceptional cost/benefit ratio. Below are the 7 major benefits offered by prepainted metal solutions.

Embellish your roofs

Prepainted metal roofs catch the eye, are impressive and elegant while illuminating your environment!
Since it is suitable with any sloping, forms and colours, the prepainted metal used in roofing adds its originality, authenticity and regional features to your habitat, and gives its contribution to the enhancement of your asset.

  • To build in colour

The prepainted metal used in roofing presents a wide range of colours, shades, patterns and textures.

Colours adapted to the spirit of the place, to the traditions of your region, or primary colours aimed at accentuating depth perception ... it is up to you to choose the colour that will become an element of your project.

The charts of colours of the manufacturers satisfy all town-planning regulations. Additionally, there are many accessories for a perfectly harmonised finishing, such as ridge tiles or roof caps, couplings,  portions of edges or drain pipes ...

  • Complete freedom of architectural creation

Moderate slopes, curves,  arched frames, mansards, chimneys... metal roofs are suitable with all architectural practices.
Arched roofs may be covered virtually only in metal.


  • Modernity and tradition

Metal tiles are inspired directly by the forms of traditional tiles. Each region has its own characteristic design that contributes to the beauty of the landscape.

Nowadays, the industrial offer is sufficiently large, and so all styles may be represented: conic pantiles which may be found in the South; small or large flat tiles from Bourgogne or Champagne; interlocking tiles characteristic of the North of the Loire region, the slate board of Brittany...

Thermal Insulation

The best energy is the energy that is not used. Prepainted metal roofing presents certain conclusive features to comply with evolving thermal laws and regulations.


  • RT 2005

Beyond the requirements of RT 2005:

RT 2005 is applicable to all new buildings the building permit of which has been filed on or after 1st September 2006 (Journal Officiel dated 25 May 2006, Decree n° 2006-592 dated 24 May 2006 et order dated 24 May 2006). It sets a reference limit to energy consumption which must not be exceeded, based on the climatic zone where the project is located.

It sets, in particular, the reference values and safeguards (minimal thermal resistance requirements) for the heat transmission of roofs and thermal bridges.

To learn more about the RT 2005, click here

Architects Dubosc & Landowski


  • Ready for RT 2012

The prepainted metal roofing systems anticipate the RT 2012.

The standard RT 2012, which comes into force in 2012, governs the buildings consuming a maximum of 50 KWh/m²/ per year compared with the 80 to 130 KWh/m²/ per year currently regulated by the RT 2005.

Tata Steel

The solutions offered by prepainted metal roofs make it possible to easily satisfy the requirements set by the RT2012.

As an example industrial solutions of double clad sandwich panels roofing offer real performances in terms of noise reduction and absorption and a good insulation at the same time. To illustrate this, we refer to the Globalroof solution offered for sale by Arval filiale d'ArcelorMittal, which offers real performances: CIN 323 J

(Sound reduction index Rw = 47 db/ Sound absorption αw = 0.90/ Heat transmission Up = 0.25)

Currently, the solution envisaged to satisfy the requirements of the RT 2012 appears to be the sandwich panels solution.


  • Passive house : Low energy building

House with very low energy consumption, it offers a pleasant temperature of the environment all year long, without using traditional heating.

Prepainted metal roofs represent an essential element of low energy buildings:

> Perfectly insulated, they allow to reduce the loss of heat by transmission. Thermal bridges are totally eliminated.

> Completely airtight, prepainted metal roofs allow to control the loss of heat by ventilation.

>The use of passive solar heating through windows which are perfectly integrated with the roof maximises heat gains.


  • Positive energy house

Energy consuming houses of yesterday will be replaced by the energy producing buildings of tomorrow, and prepainted metal roofs will be at the centre of such progress.


> Integrated photovoltaic films,

certain manufacturers propose metal roofing panels covered with a flexible laminated photovoltaic film which perfectly matches the form of the roofing, while generating electricity by means of diffuse insolation. Their self-cleaning surface is whether resistant and their functioning is not affected by high temperatures.

For classic photovoltaic panels, metal sections may integrate mounting systems (dovetail profile) to receive additional fastening. The mounting of the panels on the roof is therefore clearly enhanced compared with roofing tiles.

Arsolar (Arval by ArcelorMittal)

Alcan - Australia - Watsons Bay

Performance of the materials

    • Resistance and longevity in all conditions

    The coating with high performance paints together with the mechanical features of metal give metal roofs an unmatched and virtually inalterable resistance.

    Prepainted metal roofs are resistant to UV radiation, moulds, corrosion and winds up to 200 km/h. Their durability reaches such levels that some manufacturers do not hesitate to grant 30 years warranties. Prepainted roofs do not crack, buckle or burn; they are scratch resistant and are unaffected by moss and lichens. They do not hold snow or ice, thus avoiding any damages in winter.

    For steel, metal coating in tin or tin-aluminium alloys ensures corrosion resistance while transferring to the product its ability do buckle without cracks.

     • As regards to the painting systems, first painting ensures the adherence and resistance to corrosion, thanks to the presence of corrosion inhibitors.
    • Finishing painting gives its contribution to the properties of the surface, shades, texture, brilliance, aspect… but also to the durability, abrasion resistance and resistance to UV rays.

    • Roofs suitable with extreme weather conditions

    Why, for over 30 years, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian people  have been covering 80% of their houses with prepainted metal roofs?

    Simply because the Scandinavian winter has eliminated any less performing solution.  In extreme conditions of humidity, snow and ice, to choose the best materials is not a luxury! In the Tropics, hurricanes, saline air and intensive UV radiation have long since imposed the same construction solution. In fact, recent tests established that prepainted metal roofing, fitted according to the rules of the trade, resists winds blowing at 300 km/h, whereas the other roofing materials are swept away like straws. 

    ArcelorMittal – Photo: Philippe Vandenameele 

    • Superior watertightness

    Metal roofs do not absorb water, unlike the other materials which provoke cracks and rot during the frost/defrost cycle. Their system of fitting and the extremely precise industrial production make it possible to cove very moderate slopes as well as complex volumes while assuring a perfect watertightness.

    Some manufacturers offer Warranties of up to 40 years on certain products.


    • Prepainted metal is innovative!

    To increase the protection against condensate, certain panels for prepainted metal roofs feature a non-woven fibre. Pasted on the internal surface of the product, it absorbs the condensation water while contributing to sound insulation.  

    The sandwich panels are tried and tested in the industrial and service sectors. They are now being also widely used in the residential sector, especially in the field of renovation. These complex insulating materials consist of a centre in EPS or polyurethane foam, protected by a metallic surface decorated on the outside. The panels fit one to the other to quickly realise a real warm roof.

    Under the roof, silence is golden! Multi-ply products comprised of two metal faces separated by a polymer assure an extremely effective sound dumping that significantly reduces noise impact (rain, hail). 

    These new "ceramic" inorganic pigments reflect infra-red rays to a greater extent. They improve the thermal control of the roofing and widen the range of colours by allowing darker shades for the same thermal performance.

Generation of savings

An exceptional cost/benefit ratio

The selection of a prepainted metal roof allows to obtain substantial savings on the global costs of the house.

  • Savings on transport and installation

The metal sections are characterised by a small footprint and are easy to handle and to lay: a great additional saving on the global cost of the roofing.


  • Savings on maintenance

Metal roofs need little maintenance, and thus little expenditures on products and labour.

Externally, a simple wash with clear water is generally sufficient. Their perfect water tightness eliminates any risk of muddle.

Photo site Tata Steel


  • Energy savings

The insulation of the roofs is the first step to realise and the most profitable, given the importance of energy savings.

On average 30% of the loss of energy of a house passes through the roof. The selection of a prepainted metal roof, perfectly insulated, represents one of the best ways to realise substantial savings on heating bills (and, possibly, on air-conditioning costs). Furthermore, metal roofing has a low thermal inertia. Houses are also easier to heat.


  • Savings on the structure of the building

Thanks to the metal roofing systems it is possible to lighten considerably the load-bearing structures of the house. Their overall weight may be as low as one third of that of a traditional roof in terracotta tiles. Such lightening offers many advantages in terms of cost and installation. In building renovation, it permits the installation of a new roof directly on the old roofing, without prior dismantling.

Environment protection

Prepainted metal roofs offer many assets as regards the needs for a durable development in the construction.

  • A material environmentally friendly throughout its entire life cycle

Prepainted metal is a product which is "clean" at all stages of its life cycle, satisfies the need for a durable development and minimises the use of natural resources, reducing energy requirements and pollution.

Theyskens house, Halen – Contractor: Schriers – Architect: L. Moelants –
Photo: Emiel Verhasselt

  • Highly recyclable and recycled

Whilst a block of concrete may be recycled only once and timber may be recycled only in the form of particle boards kept together only with glues ... metal is really recyclable, since it can be recycled endlessly, without losing its initial qualities.


Steel or aluminium of nth generation have the same properties as the first day. Such capability also offers the advantage of preserving natural resources, avoiding to draw on the reserves of iron ore.


  • An environmentally friendly process

The metal industry has greatly enhanced manufacturing procedures in order to limit any negative impacts on the environment. In Europe, 6% of the CO2 emissions come from steel industry. They have been reduced by approximately 50% in the last thirty years, just as energy consumption, and despite increasing production volumes.

The continuous coating of coils on industrial installations occurs in perfectly controlled conditions. The process satisfies even the strictest regulations on surface treatment and emissions of solvents. The new generations of pigments allows the production of paints that satisfy the expectations of consultants as regards paints.


  • Low nuisance construction sites

Metal constructions are classified as dry processes. This means that there is no use of water, slurry or dust.

To build with metal amounts to assembling prefabricated elements on the site: it is easily understood how this allows to gain on construction times, but also to reduce the moving of trucks, and thus noises and pollution and risks of accidents...A true virtuous circle.

Speed up construction

  • Real time-saving

The elements of the metal roofing systems are made and cut to measure in the production line according to criteria specific for each project. The adjustments required at the building site are so limited that the time required for their fitting is considerably reduced!
Lighter than the other competitor roofing systems, the laying of the elements of the metal roofs is faster and requires less labour.


  • Facilitated logistics

Being lighter, the elements of the roofs are stored easily by staking, thus occupying a reduced space in the building site.
Being pre-cut, they limit the amount of waste in the building site and the environmental impact.


  • Faster completion of structural shell with waterproofed roof

The metal roofing systems integrate multiple functions such as the roofs, the walls and the insulation. These systems are the only ones that allow, with one single operation, the completion of the structural shell with waterproofed roofs.

"Everything has been designed to facilitate the work of the professionals"

Photo from ArcelorMittal Brochure

  • Renovation with the tiles

Who better than a professional roofer may outline the advantages offered by steel tiles in renovation works and share with us his enthusiasm?

"I am often contacted by the owners of old buildings because of some water seepage. It is necessary to rapidly renovate the roofs, without creating any trouble to the interior of the residential spaces, and to ask people to move out is out of the question. Several years ago I found the ideal solution in roofs in steel tiles.  They are light and easy to handle. With my staff, I can place them on top of the existing roof, without being forced to dismantle the structure of the building.  Everyone is benefiting: my clients do not suffer any inconvenience and benefit from the guarantee offered by a steel roof, my enterprise benefits from the fact that they make work easier and from the laydown performance. Two of my workers are able to complete an area of 150 m² in just 2 days. Moreover, the panel tile is attractive and available in a variety of shades. Its evenness and rigidity make it possible to adjust its level as necessary. The solution for the renovation thus  also improves the insulation of the house. I have never regretted having chosen this technique! If I had to, I would do it again with no hesitation!"


G. Kaiser

Interview from the ArcelorMittal Brochure

Finishing Accessories

A wide range of prepainted metal accessories allows to embellish and personalise the buildings (skylights, flashings, gutters, band edges, channels,...)

Tata Steel

Tata Steel

In addition to being light, economical, strong and attractive, the accessories may be installed rapidly and easily. Their resistance to UV rays and the wide range of colours assure the attractiveness and consistency of the roof.   The following accessories are intended for the collection of rainwater:

Corner of the gutter


Adjustable hook 

Final section of the gutter


Rainwater head

Dolphin tail

Rainwater collector

Drain pipe

Pictures from ArcelorMittal Brochure


"Ask a baby or an academician to draw instantly a house: they will represent a gable façade highlighting the two slopes of the roof!
On the same note, at any presentation of projects I have the right to pose the recurrent question "why? »
Why industrialisation? Why metal? Why innovation?

As far as I am concerned, the use of innovative construction processes, studied and developed by professionals with multiple expertise, allows to truly and appropriately face the challenges of construction and environment.
Metal is a concrete and efficient solution within the combat against global warming. It increases the intrinsic quality of the frame by offering, at the same time, a better quality/price ratio.

The architectural concept combined with industrial strictness and power meet and win the challenges. They will be improved.
It is up to master-builders to render this new alliance a formidable instrument for architectural renovation at the service of all."

Michel Nys, architect. 12 February 2009.


Select a type of roof

Round tiles
Interlocking tiles
Sinusoidal waves
Standing seam
Metal casing

Select a colour

Granite ® Cloudy Anticato
Granite ® Cloudy Terracotta

The one presented here is not an exhaustive list of forms and colours.
Shades may vary considerably depending on your computer hardware.
To obtain correct and complete information on the shades available, please contact a manufacturer.

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